Spend more of your time making money while we account for it

We save you money

All our new clients are invited to a Virtual Welcome Meeting so we can find out more about your business and provide you with the tips and tools to help make keeping track of deductible expenses a whole lot easier.

We’re also on hand to answer any niggling taxation questions you may have throughout the year and come year-end, we’ll be ready and waiting to review your books and make sure you’re claiming all the allowances available to you.

By boosting your accounting processes, encouraging you to submit your tax return early and ensuring you’re thinking strategically about the growth and structure of your business, we’ll make sure your business is running as tax-efficiently as possible.

We answer your questions

Getting your business off the ground can be tough, especially if you’ve been used to having dedicated departments to cater for your needs. Having trusted advisors on hand to answer your questions is super-reassuring, especially when you feel like you can’t move forward until your questions are answered.

You don’t need to take a ticket, fill out a query form or talk to a customer service rep via an outsourced live chat. Just email us and we’ll answer via whatever means works best – fast.

If your query is urgent mark it as such, and we’ll respond even faster. We don’t have to be in the same room for it to feel like we’re right there alongside you.

We make managing your finances as simple as possible

We work with leading-edge accounting software to help you manage your business finances as elegantly as possible. Xero provides all the digital tools you’ll need to manage your cash flow at a glance, create professional quotes and invoices, log bills, claim expenses and pay your employees. It even has a mobile app so you can send invoices or upload photos of your expense receipts on the go.

Best of all?

When it comes to reviewing your accounts you just give us access and we’ll prepare your entire tax return, while you focus on income-producing activities. Of course, if you prefer a more old school, spread sheet-based approach to your bookkeeping, that’s fine with us too.

Xero meets all relevant HMRC and associated requirements and provides the highest possible level of security for your data (you can learn more here). To read the testimonials of satisfied Xero users, click here.

We tailor our service to fit you and your business

When it comes to small-business finance, we generally feel one-size fits none. We work with a broad range of freedom-based business owners with very different needs and budgets. We have three flexible packages that can be further customised to fit your specific needs:

The Brand New to Business Package:                             

Perfect if you have a brand spanking new business and want to make sure you’ve got everything set up just as it should be. We’ll help you offset as much tax as possible – especially if you work from home and be on hand to answer your questions and complete your end-of-year paperwork on your behalf.

The Established Small Business Package:

As your business expands we’ll help you stay as tax efficient as possible. We’ll automate your bookkeeping, freeing you up to devote your time and attention to your clients and business. At the end of the year we’ll complete your tax return on your behalf and ensure you’re taking every opportunity to offset allowable expenses against your business.

The CEO Package:

We'll help you stay on top of which VAT scheme is best for your company and ensure your business stays as tax efficient as possible.  As your revenue increases we'll support you in managing your additional cashflow and help you create a budget that allows you to finance the developments you want to focus on most.



We help you identify savings you wouldn’t even have thought of

If you work from home, the chances are that we can help you identify savings that you hadn’t even thought of. We’ll help you maximise HMRC’s home-working expenses using an alternative methodology based on your home’s floor space and your working hours, together with a variety of other factors. For many accounts this level of detail is a bridge too far; but we think that if we can save you and your small business even more, it’s a bridge that’s well worth crossing.

We can look after everything else too!

We know that running your own business can be a juggling act and often there are a lot of balls to keep in the air. Why not let us take a few other things off your hands? Besides accountancy, we are happy to manage many other aspects of your business including:

  • Payroll
  • VAT Returns
  • Cash flow, forecasting and budgeting
  • Dividend advice for Limited Company directors
  • Credit control services
  • Preparation of monthly management accounts
  • Personal income projection
  • Company car advice
  • Incorporation advice

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