We’re a boutique, online accountancy firm for freelancers, home-workers and online business owners. We know:

You don’t want to feel like you’re making it up as you go along or Googling the answers to your accountancy questions.

We take our time making sure you understand your accounts and know exactly what you can and can’t offset so there’ll never be any unexpected surprises in the post from the HMRC!

You loathe Self- Assessment time and want to swear every time you hear that advert because to you, tax jolly well is taxing!

We encourage you to file your tax return early so there’s plenty of time to gather information and minimise your tax liability. What’s more, by filing early you’ll know exactly how much money you need to have set aside for January 31st, and what’s left over to spend or reinvest back into your business.

Unlike most accountants, we don’t wear suits and we don't act like them either.

Most accountants probably struggle to understand your online business. Luckily, we’re not most accountants. Taylor Accountancy is run almost exclusively online, so we’ll never be insisting you come to our offices for meetings. All our communication takes place over the phone or via Skype so you can literally meet us from anywhere!

You don’t want to waste time fiddling with invoices or waiting for hours “on hold” to the HMRC.

You want to spend more of your time making money than accounting for it. We’ll act on your behalf for all communication between you and the HMRC and provide you with straightforward, easy-to-use tools to keep track of your income and expenditure.

You might be running your business as well as working full-time or being a stay at home mum or dad.

We get it, and we’ve been there too. We’re happy to pick up the slack, take your books off your hands, and fit in any client meetings and communications around your schedule.

You might have big plans for your little business.

As your business grows we’ll help you pinpoint the most advantageous time to up-level to Limited Company status, and save you money in the process.

Hi! I'm Amy, founder of Taylor Accountancy and I'm about to save you money.

During my training as a Chartered Accountant in some of the top firms in London and the South-East, I discovered a passion for analysis which helped me save my clients oodles of money.

After spending a good number of years in practice I was ready to hang up my suit and have a complete change. I decided to package my money-saving skills for people just like me – small business owners and stay-at-home parents who were transitioning out of corporate careers after starting their families.

Needless to say, business boomed and Taylor Accountancy has grown into a six-strong virtual-team. Together we manage the tax returns of a rich mix of freelancers, home-workers and online business owners and do everything we can to reduce their tax liabilities so they keep as much of their hard-earned profit as possible.

If you’re a small business owner, I have a sneaking suspicion that my team and I could probably save you money too. Find out more about having us in your corner and Contact me.

Our Team

Sally Quinlan, ACA, Bsc (Hons)

Sally Quinlan, ACA, Bsc (Hons)

Tax Manager
Sara Saunders, ACMA, CGMA

Sara Saunders, ACMA, CGMA

Accounting Services Manager
Jane Golding, BSc (Hons)

Jane Golding, BSc (Hons)

Alisa Shillam, ICM

Alisa Shillam, ICM

Credit Control Services Manager
Carol Atkinson AICB CB cert PM Dip

Carol Atkinson AICB CB cert PM Dip


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