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Xero Online Accounts

At Taylor Accountancy, we are passionate about partnering business owners and private landlords to achieve organisation of their accounts and to become as tax efficient as possible.

From our initial Welcome Meeting to explaining your year-end tax liabilities, we are with you every step of the way.

Rachel, a copywriter, was overwhelmed at the prospect of completing her own tax returns and didn't know how to comply with Making Tax Digital. We set her up with Xero and now she is compliant with HMRC requirements and leaves the tax return to us!

How amazing would it be to be looked after by a small team who put you first and proactively work with you to complete all the necessary submissions to HMRC - freeing you up to spend more time doing what you love?

This is what we believe in - and this is what we've built for you.

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Always there for you

With us there are no “stupid questions”.

We’re happy to hop on a Zoom call to answer any accounting and tax queries you have, guide you through Xero and help you feel more in control of your business finances and tax liabilities.

We understand that accounts and tax can seem daunting and that's why we are committed to responding to client emails within 24 hours and answering whatever questions you would like to throw at us. And that's all part of our service. There are no bills for quick emails or Zoom calls that help you feel in control of your business finances and tax liabilities.

When Claudia came to us, she was totally confused about her residency for tax purposes. We had a quick Zoom to explain the automatic residency tests and help her understand her residency status.

Gillian had a difference between her year-end bank balance and what she had in Xero. We held a Zoom with her to talk her through how to find out what caused the difference and how to correct it.

Whether you're a brand new business owner who doesn't know where to start, an established limited company owner who has had a bad experience with accountancy services to date, a sole trader wondering what expenses to claim, or just someone struggling to complete your self-assessment tax return…

…we can help!
Amy Taylor Accountant

Hi! I'm Amy Taylor, Amazing TaxSaver!

During my training as a Chartered Accountant in some of the top firms in London and the South-East, I discovered a passion for analysis which helped me save my clients oodles of money.

After spending a good number of years in practice I was ready to hang up my suit and have a complete change. I decided to package my money-saving skills for people just like me – small business owners, including stay-at-home parents who were transitioning out of corporate careers after starting their families.

Needless to say, business boomed and Taylor Accountancy has grown into a sizeable team, totally dedicated to the virtues of virtual! Together, we manage the tax returns of an eclectic mix of private individuals, home-workers and online business owners and we do everything we can to reduce their tax liabilities so they keep as much of their hard-earned profit as possible.

Quality and integrity are essential values not only in my working life but in my personal life too. Family, friends and my part-time commitments to vocations of a rather more spiritual nature all remind me that there’s more to life than a balance sheet!

If you're a small business owner, I firmly believe I could save you money too. Contact me and find out more about how we make sure you always get what you deserve, but stay on top of what you owe.

Get in Touch

Contact me and find out more about how we make sure you always get what you deserve, but stay on top of what you owe.

Call Amy on 07801 931029, or

Email: [email protected]

Online: the added bonus!

Xero Online Accounts
We were web-based when many other accountants were still mired in spreadsheets!

You won't struggle to explain online working to us because we're part of it. We equip you with the latest and greatest cloud tools like Xero, communicate with you using email and online accounts questionnaires (no paper!), and hold virtual video meetings if you don’t want the time, expense and hassle of meeting face to face.

We do things this way because it’s the most effective means of fulfilling our duty of care to you, ensuring you’re not left in the dark when it comes to what you (and we) need to do and when, or when tax changes occur and you’re not sure if the latest guidance is meant for you or not.

(Although we’re always pleased to commune with other human beings over a cup of tea, too!)

Satisfied customers from all walks of life

At Taylor Accountancy, our business clients are a broad range of impassioned, entrepreneurs ranging from coaches, web designers, copywriters, designers and illustrators, to photographers and digital marketing specialists.

And when there are special accounting circumstances to consider - you rent out your property, you're not sure whether to register for VAT, you're worried about IR35, for example - we have a dedicated team ready to help.

We'll prepare your accounts, calculate your tax liabilities and advise you how best to reduce what you owe. We'll even talk to HMRC on your behalf so you don't have to.

If you're tired of muddling through your accounts, paying out more tax than you need to, and want to spend more of your time making honest money rather than chasing up the people who are failing to account for it, we're the team for you.

What Our Clients Say

Darren Harbar Aviation Photographer

Starting a new business is not easy, and dealing with the accountancy can be a real daunting prospect. I decided to utilise Amy for my accountancy when I first got going, and her advice from day one has been brilliant, and taken a lot of pressure off me. Her advice has made running my business more efficient and certainly smoother. Not having to worry about TAX admin is something a good accountant brings to the mix, and Amy and her team will save you time and money. Few accountancy companies offer such a personal service and make you feel you're not just a number in the books. Totally recommended!

Simon Wright Organic Food Consultant

Amy and her excellent team have handled my accounts and VAT since 2014. She is extremely responsive and very helpful at all times. By encouraging me to use Xero I have become more proactive with my accounts. I highly recommend her to any SME who needs a cost-effective service.

Katie Gregory Freelance Digital Copywriter

Amy and her team are efficient, approachable and always on-hand when I have an accountancy-related query (which is often!). They have also helped me to take control of my accounts with software like Xero, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Laura Phillips Coach and Consultant

Love love love working with Amy and the team! They are a delight to work with, have fixed an array of accounting issues and finally I feel like I have a team I can trust with my company finances.

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